SNAFU? You have a choice.

You always have a choice.

Is the wifi broken? Again?

You can choose whether to raise it with IT. You can choose to escalate it because it’s causing pain for your team. You can choose to keep doing those things over and over until it gets fixed.

You can choose to engage with the people who can fix the problem. You can choose to understand the problem from their point of view. You can choose to help them to help you.

Or you can choose not to do those things. And instead choose (probably unconsciously) to just moan about it. This is usually an easier choice. But it’s also the worst.

It’s the worst because nothing gets fixed, and because moaning just makes everyone feel bad.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of learned helplessness. To think that nothing can be done, or that only someone else can sort it for you. But that is to feel helpless and completely dependent on others.

Of course, there’s no excuse for non-working wifi in a modern workplace, but if things really are Situation Normal: All F*cked Up, you can choose to start breaking some rules to get things fixed. 

You can choose to buy a mobile router so your team has their own wifi. You can choose whether to try claiming this as a legitimate business expense. Or you can choose to all work remotely.

Whether you’re a leader or a follower you always have a choice.

Time to start exercising it.

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